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Zurich links platform to Dynamic Planner’s AccessAdvice

21 November 2017

Platform provider Zurich has teamed up with Dynamic Planner to offer advisers access to its advice product AccessAdvice. 

The partnership will enable advisers to deliver personalised, regulated and online advice to clients looking for an alternative way to buy their ISA.

Alistair Wilson, Zurich’s head of retail platform strategy (pictured), said adding AccessAdvice to its platform will help advisers service a much broader range of clients.

He said: “Using our platform’s existing, deep integration with Dynamic Planner means we can offer a very slick and efficient consumer experience that focuses on saving advisers time. Advisers will be able to re-engage lower value client relationships which may have fallen dormant over the last few years, as well as target the next generation of tech savvy investors who also value for advice.

“The service allows clients to make their own decision when to invest, knowing that their actions are fully backed by professional advice.”

Ben Goss, chief executive, Dynamic Planner said: “Historically, many financial advisers may have had to turn away less profitable client work because of the associated costs with face-to-face advice.  We developed AccessAdvice to addresses this problem head on, enabling firms to deliver their own high quality, independent advice, profitably, to lower value cases and we are thrilled that Zurich is now partnering with us.

“Advisers using Zurich’s platform can now service ISA clients by just supplying a link to AccessAdvice, saving both theirs, and their client’s, time and money.”

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