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Utmost Wealth adds two Dublin-based bonds to its offshore solutions

3 July 2017

Utmost Wealth Solutions has acquired the investment bond business of Axa Life Europe and has opened a Dublin office.

The move adds two Dublin-based offshore bonds to the firm’s Evolution and Estate Planning Bonds, which are available via the Group’s Isle of Man base.

Offshore bonds can be useful tools for high net worth clients when undertaking wealth management, retirement and estate planning.

Utmost said its Dublin-based Selection and Delegation single premium bonds, offer advisers and their clients a “high degree of investment flexibility including a full discretionary management option”.

Utmost Wealth’s products are supported by its technical team, members of which are on hand to assist advisers and paraplanners on how offshore bonds can help deliver alternative solutions to clients’ financial planning needs.

The Axa Life Europe portfolio was acquired by Harcourt Life International dac, which was subsequently renamed Utmost Ireland dac and will trade under the Utmost Wealth Solutions brand.

Utmost Wealth has been in the offshore market for 25 years and holds £12bn of assets on behalf of more than 36,000 policyholders.



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