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Utmost Technical Academies Hit the Road Again

16 August 2017

Utmost Wealth Solutions is launching its latest series of Utmost Technical Academies.

Following the successful schedule of academies that took place earlier in the year, the forthcoming series will focus on the financial planning opportunities created by the use of trusts and appropriate tax wrapper selection.

In addition to revisiting the fundamental aspects of trust arrangements, Utmost’s highly-regarded Technical Sales Managers, Barry Foster and John Haley, will discuss some of the planning ideas and opportunities created by the use of trusts. They will also consider how the administrative responsibilities faced by trustees can be eased.

John and Barry will once again use their effective case study and example format, which previous audiences have noted is a highly informative and engaging way to simplify what can be a complex subject.

Simon Woolnough, Head of Distribution, Propositions and Marketing at Utmost Wealth Solutions said, “We launched our first Utmost Technical Academies in early 2017 and were overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received. This is testament to the expertise of our presenters and our 25 years’ experience in helping advisers consider how offshore bonds can feature in financial planning solutions for high-net-worth clients. We are delighted to once again offer advisers the opportunity to gain valuable insight, knowledge and CPD hours at a local event.”

There are 22 events scheduled to run throughout the UK from late September to mid-November.

Full details, venues and dates of the Utmost Technical Academies are available here .

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