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Top 10 most researched funds on FE Analytics

20 December 2017

Announcing the top 10 most researched funds in 2017, FE reports that it is Alexander Darwall’s Jupiter European Fund which has taken the top spot, the first time for the fund. Last year’s winner, Standard Life’s Global Absolute Return Strategies (GARS), has fallen to sixth place – the first time that it has not featured in the top three most researched funds since 2011.

The Jupiter European “led the pack by some way” in 2017, says FE, with adviser firms researching the fund 47% more than the next most researched fund, Fundsmith Equity.

The Jupiter fund was awarded the maximum five FE Crown rating at the last ratings rebalance and features in the FE Approved List.

Commenting on the results, Tanvi Kandlur, FE analys, said: “FE Alpha Manager, Alexander Darwall has built up an impressive track record in European equity investing. The reason for [the fund’s] popularity among advisers is likely down to [its] strong performance this year.

“Over a one-year period (as of 18 Dec), Jupiter European is the best performing fund in the IA Europe ex-UK sector. Darwall’s style of investing in high-quality companies with growth potential can weather various market environments. The strategy has demonstrated that it can consistently add alpha over the long-term through superior stock picking.”

Standard Life’s GARS was removed from the FE Approved List in September 2016. Charles Younes, FE research manager comments: “This result is not really surprising given the poor performance recorded by the fund over the last three years. The fund is about to record two consecutive years of negative performance, which leaves the performance significantly below its target of Cash + 5% over a rolling three-year period.

“The fund has also recorded outflows, as investors were offered alternatives such as JPM Global Macro Opportunities, Invesco Perpetual Global Targeted Absolute Return and Aviva Multi Strategy Target Returns.”

2017 Top 10 most researched funds on FE Analytics

1. Jupiter – European

2. Fundsmith – Equity

3. CF Woodford – Equity Income

4. Stewart Investors – Asia Pacific Leaders

5. Invesco Perpetual – High Income

6. Standard Life Investments – Global Absolute Return Strategies

7. Newton – Real Return

8. Newton – Global Income

9. Lindsell Train – Lindsell Train UK Equity

10. Artemis – Global Income

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