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Timebank publishes guide to serving EU-based clients post Brexit

22 December 2020

Outsourced Paraplanning firm The Timebank has published a guide to serving EU-based clients post the Brexit deadline of 31 December 2020. 

​From January 2021 passporting will cease irrespective of whether the UK leaves with a deal or we see a no-deal Brexit. That means UK-based financial advisers and planners will no longer be able to advise clients who live in the EU.​

The Timebank, alongside Black Swan Capital, has produced a guide on how to manage EU-based clients after Brexit.

Damian Davies, founder of The Timebank says: “If paraplanners find their clients are affected, we’ve produced this guide in association with Black Swan Capital to help explain their options.”

The guide  can be accessed here: Timebank-black-swan-capital-europe-brexit-guide

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