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Time to submit your Awards nominations and entries

9 April 2018

Have you submitted your nominations and/or put in your entry for Paraplanner of the Year of the Paraplanner Team of the Year?

Every nomination we receive from our readers helps us sort the wheat from the chaff and highlight the providers in the market today who are doing their best to serve and support paraplanners.

As the Professional Paraplanner Awards are voted on exclusively by paraplanners, pension providers, platforms, investment houses and software providers are able to see which companies paraplanners consider the best and why, helping to drive others to develop their services with the paraplanning community in mind. So please get nominating.

If you are planning to enter the Paraplanner of the Year of the Paraplanner Team of the Year, you’ll find the entry request section at the end of the nomination form.

You will have been emailed your link to the awards nomination form on 5 March. If you can’t find the email and want to nominate or enter the Paraplanner awards please email [email protected]

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