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Thesis model portfolios added to 7IM platform

10 July 2017

Thesis Asset Management collectives and securities model portfolios have been added to the Seven Investment Management (7IM) platform.

The Thesis Model Portfolio Service, managed by Steven Richards, is designed to provide investors with seven core investment options, aimed at meeting a wide range of clients’ financial goals.

The models are invested in open-ended investments and/or directly listed equities and extend across the spectrum of risk profiles, ranging from low to moderate risk through to high risk and potential reward.

The model portfolio is also available via platforms including Standard Life, Aviva, Novia, Nucleus, Fusion, Transact and Ascentric. The securities model portfolio is also available via Ascentric, Fusion, Standard Life and Transact.

Lawrence Cook, director of Marketing and Business Development at Thesis, said the portfolios offered a rigorous and diversified investment approach for their clients, with the aim of maximising returns while limiting volatility and investment risk.


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