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Thesis launches consultancy to help with investment suitability

24 November 2018

Thesis Asset Management has launched a new consultancy service for financial advisers, designed to reduce the administrative and compliance burden firms face in creating suitable investment solutions for clients. 

Thesis Research and Consultancy Service (TRACS) will work closely with advisers to support them with the suitability of investment advice and help them create a customisable, scalable investment solution.

The TRACS team will work with advisers through five stages: business level decisions; investment philosophy; operational arrangements; implementation and review.

Thesis will also provide advisers with direct access to its model portfolio team, headed up by Steven Richards, as well as its fund research team led by Matthew Hoggarth.

Lawrence Cook, director, Thesis Asset Management (pictured), said: “We know there is an ever-increasing focus on showing the value of advice and the importance of financial planning, so we want to help advisers meet this. This service can work flexibly to assist advisers in whatever way they want us to, and we consult with them regularly to ensure the correct solutions are being implemented correctly and efficiently.”

Cook added that its service aims to provide advisers with the confidence that their investment solutions will meet “the increasing regulatory burden” while not compromising on the quality of service they offer.

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