Thank you from Prudential

1 September 2021

Many thanks to all your readers who voted for us in the recent awards.  It’s a shame we couldn’t have gotten together face-to-face as I used to enjoy meeting people at the awards (and the finger food was good).

I was actually prepping for the team and I’s half year reviews, looking at what we’d achieved so far this year and thinking it had been pretty decent. So I was delighted when this popped into the inbox and I saw someone external had also decided we’ve been pretty good!

On behalf of the team and I I’d like to thank you all again for voting us as Best Technical Support.  We know paraplanners get most of the “heavy” technical work to do within a firm, so we think being recognised by paraplanners for providing the best support is a real honour.

Thanks again and maybe we’ll get to meet up next year. Assuming you vote for us again 🙂 (hint).


Professional Paraplanner