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Technical Insight Seminars – Key take-aways from 3 of our speakers

2 September 2018

As we prepare for the last 6 of our Technical Insight Seminars which we are taking around the country between 12 September and 28 November, here you can hear snippets from three of our speakers.

If you’ve not signed up to one of the Seminars as yet there is still time. Check out the list below for the one that is nearest you. Then book your place here. Please be aware that many are now nearing full capacity.

The Seminars area mix of plenary presentations and workshops, where you can get the most from the session by asking questions of the speaker.

Watch the videos below for a taster of what the presenters want you to take away from their sessions.

The Professional Paraplanner Technical Insight Seminars are focussed on providing educational, informative and insightful sessions and helping to build paraplanners knowledge and skills.

It takes a minute to register for the event- just click here.


Edinburgh  –  The Waldorf Astoria  –  Wednesday 12 September

Nottingham  –  Crowne Plaza  –  Wednesday 19 September

York  –  Marriott  –  Wednesday 3 October

Manchester  –  The Midland Hotel  –  Wednesday 17 October

Bristol  –  The Aztec  –  Wednesday 7 November

Newcastle  –  The Copthorn  –  Wednesday 28 November

Click on the images to watch the videos

Steve Bailey
ATEB Consulting

Glenn Sweet

Professional Paraplanner