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TDQ: Test your Knowledge Answers

2 August 2018

As part of our Training, Development and Qualifications (TDQ) series, Professional Paraplanner has teamed up with key training and exam support providers to help you to, amongst other things, revise for your qualifications.

Here are the answers to this month’s TDQ: Test Your Knowledge questions which we posed yesterday, provided by Brand Financial Training.

Below you will find also the cross-references for the 10 questions.

Answers and Cross-References

1.   A   CII R01 Study Text Chapter 5:2
2.   B   CII R02 Study Text Chapter 1:2
3.   B   CII R03 Study Text Chapter 9
4.   B   CII R04 Study Text Chapter 2.2
5.   A   CII R05 Study Text Chapter 7
6.   C   CII J10 Study Text Chapter 2:1
7.   A   CII J12 Study Text Chapter 4
8.   C   CII CF8 Study Text Chapter 2
9.   C   CII ER1 Study Text Chapter 5
10. C   CII R07 Study Text Chapter 8

Need help with your CII exams? For resources including mock exam papers, calculation workbooks, study notes, audio masterclass and e-learning visit Brand Financial Training where you can also download free taster versions.

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