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Suitability Report writing workshop with Rory Percival – Exeter Seminar

26 April 2018

Delegates attending our Woodbury Park, Exeter, Technical Insight Seminar will have a workshop session with Rory Percival discussing suitability report writing.

This is a must-not-miss session to hear from an expert on this subject. Delegates will be divided into smaller groups for workshop sessions to allow for more in-depth questioning of presenters, which we highly encourage.

The ex-FCA technical specialist will go into detail about the FCA’s latest thinking on and requirements for suitability reports, with particular emphasis on reports written for client reviews, and help paraplanners assess what is good practice and what isn’t.

If you are unsure what should and shouldn’t be included in a suitability report – or need some expert guidance you can use to enlighten minds in the office – Rory’s session is what you’re looking for.

Rory will talk also about the structure of reports, when best to use free text and when standard wording, and the presenting of fees, costs and charges.

Other sessions on the day will delve into pensions tax and allowances, platforms, outsourcing, due diligence, and the science behind financial planning for different generations.

Registration for the Seminar is at 8.30am and the day will conclude with a networking lunch at 1.30pm.

There are still a few places available so if you’d like to attend please send an email to [email protected] and we’ll add you to the delegate list.

This is a new location for the Technical Insight seminars and we are very much looking forward to meeting delegates at Woodbury Park.

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