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Suitability report writing – full day Howwow

20 June 2017

The Paraplanner Powwow is running its first full day Howwow on suitability report writing. Taking place on 27 July in London, the event is following the new format of the Powwows, which is to bring in expert speakers for half the event, followed by ‘campfire’ discussions between paraplanners.

Howwow organiser Richard Allum said: “Report writing is core to paraplanning and it is no surprise that at literally every event we have run it has come up as a topic that paraplanners want to discuss and find out from others how they are approaching writing their reports. But we felt it could never be fully covered in an hour-long session which the Powwows normally allow, so we decided to make it a full-day event. We are bringing in external expert speakers to talk about areas like language, design, content and regulation. We are going to be looking at the whole way in which we write reports and how we can make them better.”

Morning session speakers will include Quietroom, who will focus on using language and making every word count; Brochet, who are experts in getting the most from Word, using shortcuts, templates and automation of report writing systems, as well as design tricks like use of page breaks; and Mark Goold from the FCA, who will talk about what the regulator expects and the all important of what needs to be in the reports and what doesn’t.

This will be followed in the afternoon by three campfire sessions, led by the external speakers, when Paraplanners can talk about their experiences and provide practical tips and examples of how they tackle report writing in their firms.

Allum continued: “It will be a full day with plenty of take-aways and practical examples, focussed on thinking about how we do things and finding better ways of putting reports together, including language, layout, style and content, so they are easier to access and more engaging for clients.”

For more information and to book a place – tickets are £25.00 – click here.


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