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Standard Life turns spotlight on endometriosis

1 April 2019

One in six women who suffer from endometriosis could be forced to give up work as a result of their condition, new research from Standard Life has shown.  

The long-term condition, where tissue grows beyond the lining of the womb to other parts of the body, can significantly impact sufferers’ professional and personal lives with chronic pain and infertility two of the biggest side effects.

According to Standard Life, endometriosis affects 1.5 million women in the UK, with the majority (54%) of those worst affected reporting a reduction in earnings as a direct result. This is on top of the 17% who say they have encountered a total loss of earnings.

With the diagnosis for endometriosis currently taking an average of seven and a half years, this can have huge ramifications for women’s earning potential and financial stability.

Standard Life’s research follows a study which found the condition costs sufferers as much as £5,469 per year in lost earnings.

To raise awareness of the issue, Standard Life has partnered with Endometriosis UK to put on a photography exhibition exploring the lives of those suffering from the condition including TV presenter Julia Bradbury and BBC 5Live presenter Emma Barnett, as well as professionals who support sufferers through their work.

Julia Bradbury said: “Endometriosis affects every part of a sufferer’s personal life and this research shows the extent to which it impacts their professional and financial life too. But because it’s an ‘invisible illness’ it’s not obvious that someone is suffering.

“We need to raise awareness of endometriosis so employers step up and support women who have it – as a matter of urgency. It’s fantastic to see Standard Life and Endometriosis UK working together to make this happen.”

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