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Standard Life launches new portfolio management service

4 November 2018

Standard Life has launched a new portfolio management service for adviser firms aimed at matching portfolios to cashflows and targeting natural income.

The suite of tools, known as Professional Portfolio Manager, will also enable users of its wrap platform to avoid portfolio proliferation through programmed rebalancing and exclude clients from a rebalance without moving them away from the model.

Standard Life has also designed the service to stack trades in order to avoid conflicts between planning and investment decisions and provide mechanical rebalancing to control portfolio drift.

David Tiller, head of UK propositions, Standard Life, said the new tools will allow managers to deal with the “multi-faceted challenge of delivering tightly controlled individual investment solutions in a scalable manner,” while contending with the natural behaviours of clients.

He commented: “To me, this marks the beginning of a new wave of platform development, and indeed, of platform architecture itself. The enhanced functionality is also central to supporting the transformation of adviser businesses to meet the evolving demands of the market.”

He continued: “As we all come to terms with the post pension freedoms client book, the ability to avoid conflicts between planning decisions and investment decisions, the ability to control portfolio drift, manage sequencing risk and to seamlessly execute multi-goal multi-portfolio strategies are now the benchmarks all post-freedoms platforms should aspire to.”

Tiller added that the complex requirements of clients in retirement are posing increasing challenges for advisers but with certain operations now automated, it could change the outlook and potential for adviser firms and their clients.

Quick look – additional capabilities:
• Trade stacking to manage conflict between planning and investment processes
• Mechanical rebalancing enabling tight control of portfolio drift
• Ability to avoid portfolio proliferation through programmed rebalancing
• Ability to easily exclude clients from a rebalance without detaching from the model
• Ability to match portfolios to cash flows and target natural income
• A comprehensive regulatory risk package, including permission controls, maker/checker functionality and a full model audit trail with performance attribution at instrument level
• Access ETFs and exchange traded instruments with low £1 dealing cost.

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