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SimplyBiz Group offers members access to HUB Referral Solutions 

11 January 2018

SimplyBiz Group has partnered with Just Group to offer its members exclusive access to HUB Referral Solutions.

HUB is a new referral service offering access to retirement income planning, equity release advice and care funding advice.

Built and powered by Just, HUB brokers guaranteed income for life solutions. It has been in the advice market for over ten years, and has helped over 16,000 people release over £770m of equity from their properties. It has also helped over 2,000 customers with their long-term care funding needs.

SimplyBiz members can refer clients to the HUB, which has a specialist team of advisers, in order to help them deal with these complex, and often emotive, business areas.

Gary Kershaw, compliance director of The SimplyBiz Group, commented: “There will always be certain product areas in which advisers either can’t or don’t want to operate. This could be down to not holding the relevant permissions or qualifications, not having the right resource, sufficient time, or simply because it’s an area in which they would just prefer not to be involved.

“HUB Referral Solutions will help advisers enhance the range of services they offer, meaning they can meet more of their clients’ needs.”

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