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Sarika Dhanjal of Tenet describes her role as Paraplanning Team Manager

31 May 2018

For this issue’s Paraplanner Profile editor Rob Kingsbury talked to Sarika Dhanjal, Paraplanning Team Manager at Tenet, about her role, how the team operates and its new outsourced service.

In this video, Sarika discusses how her role differs from the norm, in that although she is running a paraplanning team, she is not a paraplanner herself. She talks about what her day-to-day role entails and where it fits within the Tenet business.

Currently, the team consist of Sarika as manager; nine paraplanners (three office-based and five home workers)under paraplanner and supervisor, Jonathan Gill; three administrators, including administration supervisor, Ben Hewson; and a three-person quality assessment team.

You can read the full interview in the June 2018 issue of Professional Paraplanner.

Watch the video here.



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