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Role of paraplanner set to grow, survey finds

15 October 2018

Advisers expect the role of a paraplanner to increase in the near future, according to new research from Canada Life.

Two in five (39%) advisers would like to see paraplanners take on a more substantial role, while an additional quarter (25%) believe that they should start meeting with clients.

The research taken from Canada Life’s 2018 Adviser Hot Issues Tracker showed that half of adviser firms currently employ a paraplanner, with another 30% expecting to employ a paraplanner or paraplanning service in the near future.

The high numbers highlight the growing importance of paraplanning among advisers, with nearly two thirds (65%) of advisers admitting it frees them up to do more valuable tasks. Just under half (47%) said they add value in non-financial ways, while 29% believe that paraplanners add substantial value to a client’s financial strategy.

Commenting on the findings, Richard Priestley, executive director of Canada Life UK, said: “Paraplanners are slowly revolutionising the industry. Around 20 years ago, they didn’t really exist as a group in the UK, now they are seen as adding immense value by freeing up advisers and adding value to a client’s financial strategy. The research also clearly puts to bed the legitimacy question, if there ever really was one. Only 8% of advisers see paraplanners as not adding any value, a tiny figure that has fallen by a third in the last year alone.

“This is an existential moment for paraplanners – there’s a big opportunity here for paraplanners to define their role in new ways. What do paraplanners want their future role to be?”

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