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Quilter Cheviot launches discretionary managed AIM portfolio

6 December 2017

Quilter Cheviot has launched a discretionary managed AIM portfolio for UK investors.

The portfolio will provide high net worth investors access to a number of AIM-listed companies that qualify for Business Relief.

It will be managed by Quilter Cheviot’s equity research team, overseen by chief investment strategist Alan McIntosh, and Dan Nikols, head of the UK mid and small cap equities team at Old Mutual Global Investors.

Andrew McGlone, managing director, London Investment Management at Quilter Cheviot said: “By investing in a portfolio of AIM-listed shares with Quilter Cheviot, we are able to offer clients the opportunity to invest in smaller businesses with potentially exciting growth prospects. By combining the proven research and analysis capabilities of Quilter Cheviot and OMGI, we are confident our new AIM strategy will meet client demand for a trusted investment management firm to offer this service.”

McIntosh said the investment strategy would seek to identify “financially strong, growth-orientated investment opportunities” from an expanding market.

Launched in 1995 with an initial 10 companies listed, AIM has gone on to become the world’s most successful growth market with 959 current listings worth an average of £104.5 million.

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