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Provision for pets often overlooked in Wills

12 May 2019

When it comes to making provisions for our next of kin, there is one companion that often is overlooked – our pets.

Will writing group Farewill highlights that as a nation, we owned 51 million pets in 2018, with 25% of UK adults owning a cat and a further 24% opting to keep a dog. Yet, according to the latest figures from the RSPCA, 70,000 owners die each year without making arrangements for their pets. As a result, many animals will end up in shelters, largely due to a lack of knowledge among the general public surrounding estate planning and the ability to include animals in this process.

Dan Garrett, co-founder and CEO of Farewill, said: “For many, pets are a fundamental aspect of family life and it is important that they are considered when we begin to organise our wills. At Farewill we enable human emotion to be reflected within the will writing process. By having this option, Farewell opened the discussion about what we want to happen to our beloved pets when we die; who will look after them and why.”

Farewill said cat owners are three times more generous legacy donors, with cat owners pledging to leave 1.2 times more gifts to charity in their wills than their dog-owning counterparts. To date, Farewill customers have pledged £6 million to animal charities, including Cats Protection, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Dog’s Trust.

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