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Professional Paraplanner awards – sponsor and your entries

15 April 2019

Professional Paraplanner is pleased to announce that the sponsor of the Professional Paraplanner Awards 2019 is Parmenion.

This year there are 6 Paraplanner awards in which to participate:

  • In-house Paraplanner of the Year
  • Outsourced Paraplanner of the Year
  • New Paraplanner of the Year
  • Paraplanner Team of the Year
  • Administrator of the Year (nominated by paraplanners)
  • Personality of the Year (nominated by paraplanners)

Time is running out, so make sure you request an entry form and get your entry in before the deadline for submissions of midnight Tuesday 23 April.

Patrick Ingram, Retirement and Investment Specialist, Parmenion, says: “Parmenion recognises the growing importance and influence of paraplanners in today’s financial planning firms and we have evolved our platform, products and tools to be paraplanner friendly. Hence we are delighted to be the sponsor of the Professional Paraplanner awards, in particular in a year when the number of awards has been expanded to give even more paraplanners a chance of being shortlisted and winning an award. I will be reading the entries with interest and I look forward to participating in the judging process.”

Rob Kingsbury, editor of Professional Paraplanner, says: “This is our third set of awards and I am looking forward to gathering our judges together and reading your entries. If the quality of entries this year is anything like our first two years then the judges’ task is going to be a difficult one. If you are thinking of entering, please do submit your entry form as soon as possible.

How to enter the awards

Every reader of Professional Paraplanner will have received an email with a link to their nomination form. At the end of the form you’ll find a section to complete for entry to the relevant awards.

If you no longer have access to the email, please contact the editor [email protected] and we will arrange for your requested entry forms to be sent to you.

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