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Powwow takes Report Writing Howwow to Manchester

21 May 2018

The Paraplanners Powwow is taking the Report Writing Howwow it ran in London last autumn to Manchester.

The paraplanner only, physical event, is being hosted at Revolución de Cuba on Peter Street on 28 June.

The format of the Manchester event is to take real-life report examples and work through three aspects of report writing – the words, the rules and the tech, with the aim to provide paraplanners with the know-how and skills to write even better reports.

Featured will be the language, communication styles, regulation and technology underpinning the production of great reports.

Involved are Quietroom, a firm that specialisies in effective use of words, and Rory Percival, ex-regulator and now industry consultant, who will be looking at the rules.

The event starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm.

Price of a ticket is £30 or £50. Paraplanners are given a choice as to which they pay. If more people pay the higher amount it will allow for more to be put on at the event.

To book visit the Paraplanners Powwow website, under the events tab.


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