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Pointers: Two tips for improving your working day efficiency

5 November 2018

Here are two tips suggested by paraplanners to help improve productivity in a working day.

1. Email efficiency: set up rules in your email system

Dealing with emails can take up a disproportionate amount of time that could be used more productively elsewhere. One way to improve email handling paraplanners suggest is to colour code emails so it is easy to see which are important and need priority or personal attention before the case/issue can be progressed.

Applying a different colour to emails that require particular action can help quickly ascertain which require attention and which can be left to later or deleted.

Colour code:

• Those emails only addressed to you, which therefore require your sole input

• Those that need your input but also require input from someone else

• Those where you don’t need to take any action.

The paraplanner who suggested this says: “this really helps me prioritise what I need to do first”.

Another suggestion to improve productivity, is to have advisers colour code cases/reports needed to reflect their importance. While this can take a while to implement as everyone gets used to the system, it also can help with establishing adviser expectations, as set turnaround times can be applied for each level of priority.

2. Pick up the phone

Where it is clear a subject is not going to be dealt with in a couple of emails, rather than have lengthy email exchanges, picking up the phone can allow for matters to be discussed and decisions made, resulting in a swifter conclusion. “I find you can get something resolved far quicker, especially if it is complicated,” says the suggesting paraplanner.

Similarly, where it is clear a case is going to be complex, it can pay to get the adviser, paraplanner, administrator and compliance together to discuss it so everyone starts from same place. This can help with direction and buy in, paraplanners say.

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