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PFS launches Paraplanner Pathway video

16 August 2018

The PFS Paraplanner Panel has launched a video describing the pathway to becoming a paraplanner as part of its initiative to bring new recruits into the profession.

It covers areas such as:

• Why should you choose paraplanning?

• What does a career in paraplanning look like?

• Where could this take me in the future?

Panel member Caroline Stuart said the intention was to use it as an easily accessible introduction to paraplanning which could be sent to schools, colleges and for use at careers fairs.

Details can be found on the PFS Paraplanner HQ Facebook page.

In its introduction to the video, the Panel says: “You may know someone who is thinking of getting into or is just joining the Paraplanner profession, or perhaps you know someone who is maybe considering what to do with their career and isn’t sure what to do next?

“If so, please have a look at our little video, tell your friends and colleagues all about it and anyone else you think might find it useful.

“If we all work together, we can let the world know about our brilliant, challenging and rewarding profession and the fantastically supportive, fun and friendly community that it has created.”

You can watch the video below. [It’s face paced so keep your cursor over the pause button – Ed]

The PFS Paraplanner Panel members are: Caroline Stuart – DB Wood;  Rebecca Tuck – Magenta Financial Planning; Alan Gow – Argonaut Paraplanning; Martin Green – Chadney Bulgin Chartered Financial Planning; Tom O’Hara – Warwick Financial Solutions; Rob Harper; Lee Travis – PFS Partnerships and Member Engagement Director

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