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Pensions Dashboard could face requests from 15 million consumers

18 April 2018

Origo has calculated that the Pensions Dashboard could be used by up to 15 million consumers.

Accordingly, the infrastructure underpinning the Pensions Dashboard must be built from the outset to support significant volumes of consumers from day one, cope with peaks and troughs in usage and scale to the target of 15 million consumers, the not-for-profit FinTech company stressed.

Anthony Rafferty, managing director Origo, said: “It is imperative that the industry is able to deliver and maintain all the underlying services and data in a way that is secure, robust and scalable to handle 15 million consumers.

“Other European countries that have adopted the Single Dashboard approach, are now experiencing external demand for APIs to access consumer pension data from FinTechs – which is also now driving an increase in usage.

“So, whether there is one or multiple dashboards from launch, as is still being debated, the underlying infrastructure must be flexible to cope with future technological requirements.

“Over time, demand for the service can only grow as more people join workplace pensions, particularly through auto enrolment, and those also wishing to check on their State pension.”

Rafferty added that the company had also been advising on the impact of this large consumer base on pension provider systems.

“The demands on some provider systems, as requests from 15 million consumers come in and information goes out, will need to be managed effectively – all while still providing a secure and efficient online service,” he said.

Adviser access

Rafferty pointed out that another important aspect of consumer engagement was the ability for individuals to delegate access to the new Single Financial Guidance Body for guidance and/or financial advisers.

“It is estimated that each of us will have around 11 pension pots accrued through our careers until retirement. This means that in order to provide guidance or to give holistic financial advice, comprehensive information is needed on clients’ pension data through a simple, cost-effective and secure online system.

“Consumer engagement and access to advice and guidance are crucial to improved retirement planning. The additional capacity required to enable the Single Financial Guidance Body and financial advisers to access a consumer’s Pensions Dashboard needs to be planned for.”

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Pensions and Financial Inclusion, Guy Opperman, recently committed to launching Pensions Dashboard by the end of 2019, and just this month, the Work and Pensions Select Committee recommended to Government that it implements a single dashboard by April 2019.

Rafferty said Origo supported the 2019 implementation date and believed the industry could deliver the technology on time.

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