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Parmenion platform gives access to Russell Investments 10 model portfolios

7 November 2017

Parmenion has joined forced with Russell Investments to allow advisers to invest in a suite of Russell Investments model portfolios through the Parmenion platform.

This offers adviser firms access to 10 discretionary managed and risk rated funds, ranging from secure through to aggressive plus.

Each of the risk grades is built from a mix of existing Russell Investment Funds, backed up by Parmenion’s technology and service.

Richard Goodall, distribution and marketing director at Parmenion, said: “We worked very closely with the team at Russell Investments to ensure that we ended up with a proposition that truly met the needs of the business and its supporting advisers. From the beginning, there was a clear synergy in terms of making it easy for advisers to do business.

“Our integrated proposition of innovative technology, expert discretionary management and award-winning service, allowed us to provide Russell Investments with a unique offer for their adviser partners.”

The DFM overlay is designed to provide clients with a fully integrated solution that includes automatic quarterly rebalancing and automatic investment and disinvestment across their portfolios, thereby creating less administration for the teams supporting them.

Goodall continued: “All clients are maintained within their selected model, meaning consistency of outcomes for clients and an easily repeatable process. Our portfolio builder tool provides a simple but highly effective way for advisers to quickly create new portfolios for clients which is then backed up with easy to use tools within the platform to make changes and monitor clients investments.  Clients themselves can be provided with a logon to the platform, allowing them to easily review the details of their investments and to view correspondence and reports.

“With the impending MiFID II rules taking effect in early 2018, firms and clients can also be confident that we will have implemented all of the necessary changes – including our move to quarterly reporting and 10% loss reporting to remove any need for worry on the adviser side.”

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