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Paraplanning Standard – Michelle Hoskin

26 May 2017

In this short film Michelle Hoskin outlines her vision of the Paraplanning Standard.

At Professional Paraplanner’s Technical Insight Seminar in Birmingham, Michelle Hoskin told the audience “the future is yours”, laying out where she believes the market is heading, paraplanning’s place within it and providing an update on the Paraplanning Standard.

“The professional paraplanner is what the market needs and wants. The power, the future is absolutely in your hands – not the advisers, not the business owners but yours. Why? Quite simply because the traditional adviser market and business model has had its time,” she said.

“Paraplanning is at a crux point and paraplanning is going to follow a totally different model in the financial services marketplace over the next 5-10 years.

“You have an opportunity to shape your role. The paraplanner of the future looks very different to the paraplanner of today.”

See pages 20-21 of the June 2017 issue of Professional Paraplanner, where you can find exclusive coverage of her presentation.




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