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Paraplanner Standard “imminent” says Hoskin

23 October 2017

Paraplanners wanting to register their interest for the first tranche of applications for the Paraplanner Standard should get their applications in on or before Tuesday 31 October 2017.

In a video uploaded to YouTube (see below) Hoskin said the final version of the Paraplanner Standard was going through the sign off process and that launch of the Standard was imminent, with brochures and information, such as pricing, available in the next few weeks.

At the Professional Paraplanner Technical Insight Seminar in Manchester this month, Hoskin revealed that she had been contacted by the Australian Financial Planning organisation with regard to the Standard, which was now being developed as an International Standard for paraplanning, providing a template for paraplanners for the UK , as well as for countries such as Australia and Canada.

Hoskin said costs, which are currently being agreed by the Paraplanner Standard Committee, will include a charge for the copy of the Standard, a monthly fee to cover the application and checking process as well as access to the training materials and support, and a one-off assessment fee for the certification.

Hoskin said the Standard was being kept “as low cost as possible, whilst keeping it a sustainable Standard and service”.

Paraplanners wanting further information can contact Standards International on 01462 790894 or [email protected]

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