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Paraplanner Profile Extra: Caroline Stuart

31 August 2017

For our September issue, we filmed our Paraplanner Profile Caroline Stuart talking about why she will be hosting the national Paraplanners Powwow this year.   

By way of background, at last year’s Paraplanners’ Powwow, the fourth in a row, Richard Allum confirmed that it would be the last of the events that he, Ian Thomas and Maxine Cameron of brand and communications firm New Tradition, and the team at The Paraplanners, would be organising.

Allum said that each year’s event was a big commitment, taking around 200 hours of his personal time to organise and that, after four years, he had decided that he needed to focus that time more on his business.

Whether or not the national Powwow continued was now down to the paraplanning community, Allum said.

Paraplanners stepped up to the plate to keep the event going and those attending this year’s event on 14 September, will find it has a new host, Caroline Stuart.

Caroline says she felt inspired by everything she has gained over the years from attending the Powwow and wanted other paraplanners to continue to have the benefit of coming together to hear the way their peers worked as well as the issues they were experiencing and how they were dealing with them.

You can read the full interview with Caroline in Professional Paraplanner, September 2017 issue, pages 9-12.

Watch the film by clicking on the image below.

Professional Paraplanner