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Paraplanner feedback on our Technical Insight Seminars

13 September 2017

Professional Paraplanner’s autumn Technical Insight Seminars kicked off in style in Edinburgh and we have Manchester and Bristol lined up for October and November. 

Attendance at the Seminars is free for paraplanners.

If you are undecided on whether to attend one of our Seminars – or you need some ammunition to put forward your case for attending – in the video below see what some of the paraplanners at the London event thought of the day.

We have some great days lined up for you at each of our events – featuring plenary sessions and workshops – and we look forward to seeing you there.


Our remaining 2017 Seminars are as follows.

11th October – Midland Hotel – Manchester – M60 2DS
8th November – Aztec – Bristol – BS32 4TS – currently has a waiting list


We will soon be announcing the Technical Insight Seminars for 2018. Due to the success of our events this year, with record numbers of registrations and having to implement waiting lists for some venues, we are looking to extend the number and locations of the Seminars to reach many more paraplanners around the country. Keep an eye out for news of the 2018 seminars which we will be putting out over the next few weeks.

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