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P2P lender Kuflink launches Property-Backed Innovative Finance ISA

5 July 2017

UK-based peer-to-peer (P2P) lender Kuflink has launched a Property-Backed Innovative Finance ISA, offering the opportunity for savers to invest in property while taking advantage of the tax-free benefits on offer from ISAs.

Kuflink now offers a 1-year fixed term ISA with 4% interest pa, and a 3-year fixed term with 5% interest pa, with a minimum investment of £100.

As a Property-Backed ISA, savers can invest up to £20,000 into P2P loans secured by Kuflink’s expanding portfolio of residential properties. There are no platform fees.
As part of its ISA offering, Kuflink has also launched Auto-Invest. Individuals and corporates can invest a minimum of £100 over a 1-year or 3-year fixed term with Kuflink automatically diversifying their funds and risk across a portfolio of property loans.

Sister company and bridging lender, Kuflink Bridging, will invest a 5% stake in all property loans featured in Kuflink’s ISA and Auto-Invest portfolio. This, the firm said, would help provide the “leadership and assurance for investors to confidently support the company’s ISA offering”. As part of this commitment, Kuflink Bridging will also risk losing its 5% stake before its investors are affected.

Kuflink also offers Select-Invest with a minimum investment of £100 for both individuals and corporates. The investor chooses to invest from a selection of properties and benefits from a 20% stake from Kuflink Bridging in each property.


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