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Oxford Risk tool looks to match investors to ‘suitable’ investments

1 November 2018

Risk profiling specialist Oxford Risk has launched new technology aimed at matching investors to suitable investments.

The Compass technology provides a psychometric risk-tolerance assessment, combined with a risk capacity calculation to create an investor’s long-term risk profile, in addition to nine other behavioural insights and a knowledge and experience assessment.

Oxford Risk said together the tools are designed to help enhance client understanding and engagement, while offering greater consistency of advice and future proof compliance processes.

Oxford Risk’s Greg Davies (pictured), who designed the integrated suite of tools, said: “Just as it would be remiss to prescribe medical care without considering their lifestyle and goals, it is remiss when giving financial advice to focus on investment solutions without giving the same attention to the psychology and emotional comfort of the investor.

“Good investment outcomes require managing the investor, not just managing investments.”

Marcus Quierin, CEO, oxford Risk, said the new set of tools were designed to be built into an adviser firm’s existing system, rather than act as a bolt-on.

“We see suitability as a chance to provide a supporting structure within which advisers can operate better, rather than obstacles that get in their way,” he added.

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