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Online directory offers free listing for 2018

12 February 2018

AdviserBook, the online directory for advisory firms, is offering a listing free of charge throughout 2018, as founder Ray Adams looks to develop a community of “engaged advisers” and help prevent the public being duped by scammers posing as advisers.

Adams, director of Newport-based Niche IFA, founded the service in 2017. AdviserBook describes itself as the UK’s first definitive directory of all regulated financial advisers able to provide retail advice.

It has stated that its ambition is to help stop scams by only listing regulated financial advisers, help the public by allowing them to choose the most appropriate financial advice firm for them and help financial advice firms gain further exposure.

Adams said: “In light of the recent failings within our industry, there has never been a more important time to create a public friendly directory of regulated financial advisers. There simply needs to be one. So, by removing the cost element, we are essentially inviting everyone to claim their AdviserBook profile and help create a directory that works for everyone.”

Joseph Williams, marketing manager at AdviserBook, said: ““What’s happening here at AdviserBook is incredibly exciting, and the community of advisers that is developing is really making a significant difference.

“This is why we have taken the decision to make AdviserBook free for all in 2018. We want to continue to develop a community of engaged advisers, all striving towards making a positive change within our industry without any barriers to entry.”

Normal subscription to the directory is £10 per month, plus VAT. For this, firms can personalise their company profile, add specialities and qualifications, enable secure client messaging and add an adviser profile.