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Omnis launches funds with Fidelity and Royal London

4 December 2017

Omnis Investments has joined forces with Fidelity and Royal London to launch two new funds to its Openwork advisers.

The funds launch on 5 December and offered initially through the Omnis Managed Portfolio service.

The Omnis Strategic Bond Fund will be run by Fidelity’s Ian Spreadbury, Claudio Ferrarese and Tim Foster. The three will focus on what they view as the three core pillars of bond investing – aiming to deliver an attractive risk adjusted return while striking an appropriate balance between income, low volatility and equity diversification.

The Omnis UK Equity Income Fund is to be run by Royal London’s Martin Cholwill. The fund will offer much greater choice and flexibility in allocating across UK equity holdings, alongside the Omnis UK Equity and Omnis Income & Growth funds.

Toni Meadows, chief investment officer at Omnis Investments, said: “These managers are from the very top-tier of UK investors, and we are thrilled to have secured their talents for Openwork advisers and their clients.

The new funds offer diversification benefits, as well as the ability to deliver meaningful yields to the portfolios, and are a great addition to our armoury.”

The Omnis Managed Portfolio Service was launched in April, designed to assist members seeking to outsource asset allocation decisions to a discretionary management team.
Meadows added: “Six months in and the Omnis Managed Portfolio Service is already gaining traction, and adding additional funds to the toolbox makes us more confident that we can deliver greater, cost-efficient diversification and even better risk-adjusted returns.”

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