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October 2018 Out Now

26 September 2018

Welcome to the October 2018 issue of Professional Paraplanner

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For this issue’s Paraplanner Profile, editor Rob Kingsbury spoke to Blake Ellis of Simpson Financial Services about why he feels cash flow modelling is core to all clients’ plans and the benefits of being the sole paraplanner in a small firm

Do you think the professional bodies could be doing more for paraplanners?
Caroline Stuart, newly elected member of the Personal Finance Society board, tells why she stood for election and what she wants the PFS to do for paraplanners, while Dan Atkinson, member of the CISI Paraplanner Interest Group, looks how the professional bodies are tuning into what paraplanners want

Also, in this packed edition:

Why paraplanners have a golden opportunity to carve out their own career paths

Michelle Hoskin delves into what the paraplanning offers the profession

Discussions and tips from this year’s national Paraplanner Powwow

PLUS, we have articles on
• Client segmentation in preparation for PROD
• The Age 75 conundrums
• Why it’s not Brexit that is keeping Aberdeen Standard Investments’ Andrew Milligan awake at night
• Busting the myths and misconceptions around multi-asset investing
• Central Retirement Propositions – generating retirement income for clients
• And, as we enter VCT fund raising season, a look at benefits and risks of these structures

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