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Nucleus signs to the Women in Finance Charter

15 November 2017

Wrap platform Nucleus has signed up to the Women in Finance Charter as part of its effort to promote diversity in the workplace.

The charter, introduced by HM Treasury to create a more balanced and fair financial services industry, sets out three principles to improve gender balance; committing firms to support the progress of women to senior roles, recognise each firm should set its own targets and implement its own strategy and publicly report its progress.

David Ferguson, founder and CEO of Nucleus (pictured), said: “We believe a more diverse workforce makes for better business. It helps to not only improve the culture of an organisation, but also improves decision making to help drive better customer outcomes and greater profitability. We want to work in a business where everyone has the same chance to develop and make an impact. It feels like the inclusion tide is finally turning in financial services and the Women in Finance Charter is a great opportunity to champion diversity and the positive difference that it makes.”

As a signatory of the Charter, Nucleus has vowed to promote gender diversity by appointing David Ferguson as the member of the senior executive team responsible and accountable for gender diversity and inclusion, setting internal targets for gender diversity in senior management, publishing the company’s progress annually and having the intention to ensure the pay of the senior executive team is linked to delivery against the company’s internal targets on gender diversity.

Ferguson continued: “We have been laying the groundwork to create an integrated, collaborative and diverse workforce that will be beneficial for everyone, but most importantly for our people and our customers. This initiative will really allow us to review and learn from our practices to ensure that our ambitions for diversity get bigger and better.”

Since the Charter launched, 162 financial services firms have signed up, with Nucleus one of 26 to become the latest batch to join.

The Economic Secretary to the Treasury Stephen Barclay said: “This is another excellent group of signatories to the Women in Finance Charter. Their actions, alongside those of the other signatories, have the potential to make the UK’s pre-eminent financial services sector more representative and more inclusive. I’m keen to see even more firms follow their example and make a positive, public commitment to improve gender balance in our financial services.”

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