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NS&I presents 400th £1m premium bond win

10 December 2018

Premium Bonds celebrated a milestone this month, presenting the 400th Premium Bond holder with the £1 million jackpot prize.

The recipient, a woman from Kent, has just £5,300 in Premium Bonds – much less than the 2018 average jackpot-winning holding of £35,135. The last time the jackpot was won by someone with less than £5,000 was in June 2017.

The 400th Bond winning number was bought just five months ago in July 2018. Agent Million, the bearer of good news, also visited the 399th winner in London, who has £40,000 invested in Premium Bonds. It is the fifth time Agent Million has made a trip to the capital this year; the highest number of visits to the capital in a single calendar year.

Since the first Premium Bond holder scooped the top prize of £1 million in April 1994, Agent Million has made six trips to Northern Ireland, 22 visits to Scotland, 17 excursions to Wales and a trip to every county in England at least once to deliver the good news.

Jill Waters, retail director at NS&I, said: “Premium Bonds have made a real impact on people’s lives since the first prize draw in 1957, and while many good news stories never reach NS&I, Agent Million has endeavoured to deliver the news of a £1 million jackpot win come rain or shine, leaving with warm tales of the positive impact on the winners’ lives.

“Premium Bonds have changed over time, however the core principles have not changed, offering tax-free returns and 100% security on every penny invested.”

NS&I said it was aiming to make it easier for customers to buy and manage Premium Bonds, through its recent announcements to lower the minimum investment to £25, introduce gifting to a wider range of people and the launch of a new app.

NS&I has also improved its service and accessibility to advisory firms, details of which were provided at the Professional Paraplanner Technical Insight seminars by Andrew Pike, head of Intermediary Relationships.

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