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New tools from Architas look to help clients better understand risk

19 November 2018

Asset manager Architas has launched two new tools designed to help clients understand what they are investing in and break down the barriers some may feel about investing.

Architas, part of the global AXA Group, said it had developed the new understanding risk and explore funds tools in partnership with advisers it works with, in an effort to facilitate “more interactive, detailed conversations” and provide clear information about the firm’s funds to their clients.

The understanding risk tool allows clients to see what their risk appetite could mean for potential returns. Advisers can use the tool to explore how that level of risk could fit to an Architas fund. There is also the option to map other popular risk models to see where clients sit on Architas’ EValue scale and which of its funds are available in that risk level.

The explore funds tool breaks down the different Architas funds in an interactive way. Advisers can also create individual reports with geographic and asset class breakdown, a list of all underlying funds and performance updates.

Leanne Barnham, head of global distribution marketing, Architas, said helping clients to gain greater knowledge about investing was a priority for the firm, and the new tools had been developed in partnership with the advice firms “to help facilitate more interactive, detailed conversations and provide clear information about our funds to their clients.

“We understand the increased focus on ensuring client suitability, not only at the start of the relationship but on an ongoing basis and we want to work with advisers to help them do this. One way we do this is the monthly ‘proof statement’: a verification that our risk profiled funds remain inside their risk bands. These tools are a natural extension of that process and should help advisers provide reassurance to their clients that their money is being managed in line with their attitude to risk.”

The tools can be viewed on the new Architas website: www.architas.com

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