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New PFS Financial Planning Practitioner Panel focused on good practice

27 September 2017

Sharon Sutton, the new president of the Personal Finance Society, has chaired the first meeting of a new Financial Planning Practitioner Panel, focused on industry good practice.

Working alongside consultants Steve Gazzard, ex-IFP chief executive, and Carrie Bendall, the new panel will be responsible for guiding the Personal Finance Society in its drive to incorporate inspirational financial planning good practice into its CPD programme. It is part of the Personal Finance Society’s continued focus on consumer outcomes and business sustainability.

Sharon described the knowledge and experience within the society’s membership as “unique”.

She said: “We are honoured to have such a distinguished and passionate group of individuals who are willing to share what they have learned for the benefit of the wider profession.”

Keith Richards, chief executive of the Personal Finance Society, said increasing consumer demand for financial advice has placed the spotlight on providing good practice.

He explained: “The advice landscape continues to evolve with financial planning becoming central to the government’s desire for consumers to take more responsibility for their own financial futures.

“Increasing consumer demand for advice and feedback from members reinforces the need for the PFS to play a key role in providing “good practice” guidance on financial planning methodologies which is central to our strategic commitment to evolve our purpose and build public trust.”

Richards added that the panel supports the Personal Finance Society’s ‘united profession’ drive to become a more inclusive and professional society.

Steve Gazzard said: “Our panel is made up of some of the leading practitioners who have grown successful financial planning businesses. I have no doubt their stories will inspire many more advisers to adopt some of the tools and techniques that contribute to good financial planning practice.”

The panel is made up of the following practitioner members: Sharon Sutton, managing director, Thornton Chartered Financial Planners; Jane Hodges, managing director, Money Honey Financial Planning; Adrian Quick, director, HarperLees; Anthony Villis, managing partner, First Wealth; Neil Bailey, director, Fortitude Financial Planning; Damien Rylett, managing director, Brunel Capital Partners; Garry Hale, managing director, HK Wealth; Gemma Siddle, director, Eldon Financial Planning; Julie Lord, chief executive, Magenta Financial Planning; Simon Thomas, head of policy, regulatory and compliance, Tenet Group Limited; Adam Carolan, director, Xentum and Brendan O’Ciobhain, managing director, Phoenix Wealth Management.


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