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New look for Paraplanners’ Powwow Down South

5 April 2017

The Paraplanners’ Powwow Down South has been revamped, with the event being divided into two parts.

The Powwow is being hosted by Alan Gow (pictured), Dan Atkinson and Nathan Fryer and will take place on Tuesday 25 April, at the offices of 7IM on Bishopsgate. Doors open at 9.00am for a 9.30am start.

The first part of the event will be a presentation from 7IM’s Quantitative Team on current hot topic – decumulation. Entitled ‘Avoiding the glidepath to poverty’, the presentation will include sections on investor risk factors, changes in recent years and how these can be managed, ‘opposite’ lifestyle strategies, the ‘good’ the ‘bad’ and the ‘expected’ scenarios and also investment risk focus versus goal focus.

Paraplanners are promised relevant and thought provoking ideas with time for questions, as well as further discussion immediately after the presentation.

“Following on from this, we’ve redesigned the round table discussion sessions, bringing the powwow back to its ‘unconference’ roots,” says Gow. “We’re no longer focusing on only one or two topics, we’re opening the discussions up to anything paraplanning related.” Powwowers will be asked in advance of the day to put forward ‘One Question’ that they would like to ask their peers. This could be anything paraplanning related, whether technical, process, software etc; if there’s something paraplanners want to find out, compare notes on, share thoughts on, it can be done in this session.

Gow adds: “The aim is that everyone is able to take away some great ideas, answers and tips – this session should make for some lively discussion!”

The second session will be followed by a networking lunch, ending around 12.30.

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