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New income fund research service from Dynamic Planner

23 May 2019

Dynamic Planner has launched a new research service focused on income funds, aimed at helping advisers to make sustainable, risk-adjusted fund recommendations to their clients. 

The service will look at income funds from seven asset managers. It will provide information on their philosophy and process and risk management controls as well as additional details including fund manager biographies and suitability paragraphs for inclusion in client recommendation reports.

The research reports will also include relative fund peer group analysis via a dashboard and utilise Dynamic Planner’s capital market assumptions to provide advisers with an explanation of the source of expected risk from the funds going forward.

Dynamic Planner said the new tool would enable advisers to design their centralised investment process around two defined customer segments: those who require natural income from their accumulated investments in retirement and those who are on the glide path to retirement within the next five years.

Jim Henning, head of investment services, Dynamic Planner, said: “These types of income orientated funds are incredibly popular. Given the changes in recent years to pensions and the way that people are able to take an income in retirement, this is not surprising. Combined with tighter MiFID II client segmentation obligations biting, this is an ideal but also crucial opportunity to help advisers access much richer and relevant research to support clients.”

He added: “We have worked closely with our asset manager clients to draw out their key philosophies and risk management controls in the reports so that advisers are fully equipped to make income fund recommendations and manage future expectations and retirement aspirations with their clients in a meaningful way.”

Income Focused Fund Research solutions in Dynamic Planner:

1. BMO Distribution

2. L&G Multi Index Income 4, 5 & 6

3. M&G Episode Income

4. Premier Multi Asset Distribution, Multi Asset Growth & Income & Multi Asset Monthly Income

5. Rathbone Strategic Income

6. Santander Atlas Income

7. Schroder Mixed Distribution

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