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Nathan Fryer to join Informed Choice

15 March 2019

Nathan Fryer, founder of outsourced paraplanner firm Plan Works, is joining Informed Choice.

Fryer, who has run paraplanning company Plan Works for more than five years, is winding down the business to become an employee of Informed Choice where he will train to become a Financial Planner.

Prior to founding Plan Works in 2014, Fryer spent a decade working in the asset management sector with UBS and Fidelity.

Fryer has been providing outsourced paraplanning services to Informed Choice for a number of years.

He joins the Informed Choice paraplanning team where his remit will include systems development. The firm has two full-time paraplanners and three associate financial planners, who fulfil hybrid paraplanner and financial planner roles.

Talking about the move, Fryer said Informed Choice would be “the perfect home for the next stage in my career, as I take the skills developed as a paraplanner and become a financial planner.”

He said he had seen Informed Choice take three of its paraplanners through a structured programme of skills development to become financial planners in the past couple of years. “I’m looking forward to the mentoring and professional development they can offer.”

Informed Choice is a firm of Chartered Financial Planners, with offices in Cranleigh, Surrey and Petersfield, Hampshire. The business was founded in 1994 and celebrates its 25th birthday in 2019.

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