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more 2 life launches ‘The Bigger Picture’ campaign 

8 June 2017

Equity release provider more 2 life has launched an initiative to encourage advisers to consider all circumstances when advising on equity release, including inheritance protection.

Equity release lender, more 2 life, has launched a campaign urging advisers to see ‘The Bigger Picture’ when communicating with their clients. The initiative follows on from the company’s ‘Big Picture’ campaign last year, which encouraged advisers to be aware of the importance of taking both current circumstances and future plans of their clients into account.

more 2 life is calling for advisers to consider inheritance protection, downsizing protection, flexible repayment options and enhanced LTVs when discussing equity release options with their clients.

Recent research by the company found that over half of IFAs (53%) believe inheritance protection is an issue for their clients and 47% of those surveyed believe advice on existing inheritance guarantee products should be mandatory when discussing equity release.

The Bigger Picture campaign will encourage advisers to ask themselves if they have addressed all their clients’ retirement lending needs and whether they have asked the appropriate questions regarding their current financial situation.

Stuart Wilson, channel marketing director at more 2 life, said that with the equity release market continuing to expand, it was “more important than ever” for the advice process to look at the bigger picture when talking to their clients.

“The range of products and options available in the later life lending market is growing, so we encourage advisers to keep abreast of industry changes and be aware of where they can go to get the best service for their client. At more 2 life, we have always been committed to making sure there are options available for all clients, no matter what their circumstances or concerns.

“Our new research shows that for many clients, inheritance protection is a concern when considering equity release products. We are dedicated to offering a range of products to meet the demands of clients and strongly encourage advisers to consider all available options when guiding their clients.”


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