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Miton launches US small caps fund

7 March 2018

Investment management group Miton is expanding its US range, with the launch of a US small caps fund. 

The US Smaller Companies Fund, due to launch on 14 March, will invest in companies with a market value of between $100m and $6bn at the time of purchase, and which show “significant growth potential”, Miton said.

The Fund will be managed by Nick Ford and Hugh Grieves, managers of the LF Miton US Opportunities Fund. Ford previously managed the SWIP American Smaller Companies Fund.

Neil Bridge, head of sales, Miton, said: “The US market is dynamic and the smaller companies universe lends itself to an active management approach. This fund will complement Miton’s existing equity fund range by offering investors further choice in US equity markets. This is an exciting opportunity for those investors who are looking to achieve capital growth by accessing fast growing and disruptive US smaller companies.”

The new fund will invest in a portfolio of between 70-100 companies. Nearly 25% of the initial portfolio will be weighted in the financials sector, with almost another quarter invested in information technology companies. The remainder of the portfolio will be made up of consumer discretionary, customer staples, energy, healthcare, industrials, materials, real estate, telecommunication services and utilities.

Ford said: “We believe that investors will benefit from a smaller companies fund which is focused on significant growth opportunities. We consider the US to be one of the most active geographies for finding such entrepreneurial companies. It provides a business friendly environment which is open to new ideas and business models, while providing easy access to early stage capital.”

The Fund will sit within the IA North America Smaller Companies sector.

In February, Miton launched a Balanced Multi-Asset Fund to complent its cautious and defensive vehicles.


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