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Michelle Hoskin answers questions about the Paraplanning Standard

13 December 2017

The Paraplanning Standard being launched by Standards International has polarised opinion in the paraplanning community, from enthusiastic support to severe skepticism.

Professional Paraplanner editor Rob Kingsbury spoke with Michelle Hoskin, asking questions derived from conversations with paraplanners and online forums, to give readers greater insight into Hoskin’s vision for the Standard, what it offers, what benefit it might bring to the paraplanning profession and how it will work in practice.

Further information on the Paraplanning Standard is now available on the Standards International website here


Key points timeline

If you are interested in a particular question you can use the timeline to find it in the video stream (minutes/seconds).

00.43: What will the Paraplanning Standard offer paraplanners and the paraplanning profession that they don’t have already?

6.15: How do you define what a paraplanner does? What is a ‘proper’ paraplanner?

10.50: What qualifies Standards International to create and deliver a paraplanning standard?

16.38: How will the Standard be measured? What are the criteria someone will be assessed against?

24.17: Who is going to assess paraplanners? When does the assessment begin? What is going to be included in the assessment?

27.18: Setting up a global paraplanning standard. Membership and fees for the UK standard.

(Note: The interview was conducted and recorded during a video call, so the quality isn’t what we’d have liked but hopefully it does not detract from the content. RK)


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