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March 2018 Issue Out NOW!!

22 February 2018

Our Spring editions get under way with a Paraplanner Profile on Team Building.

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In this issue’s Paraplanner Profile, Jonny Stubbs, head of Technical Support at LIFT-Financial, explains how he was brought in by the firm to build its paraplanning team, and talks about his role and his vision for the team

TDQ: Your route to Chartered
Catriona Standingford uses a case study to illustrate a potential route through, what can be, a complicated landscape

Paraplanners tell how they manage relationships with multiple advisers

Planning insight
Dan Atkinson looks at how we define clients’ relationship with money and just where it sits in their financial plans

Should structured products be considered mainstream investments? Ian Lowes thinks they have proved their worth

High yield bonds
We asked a perhaps not-so-simple question: What’s the outlook for bonds?

The Walking Dead
We’ve entered a new world where it’s will all about assessing risk and more focused investment strategies, says Rathbone’s David Coombs


TDQ: Test your Knowledge
We continue our training development and qualifications series with another 10 questions as part of your exam prep.


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