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Lower volatility as transfer values remain stable

16 July 2018

Pension transfer values as measured by the XPS Pensions Group Transfer Value Index fluctuated mildly during June 2018, with a small fall during the month.  The index was £234,000 at the end of May and £233,000 at the end of June.

The difference between maximum and minimum readings of the XPS Pensions Group Transfer Value Index over June 2018 was £4,400 (or around 1.9%).

Sankar Mahalingham, Head of DB Growth, XPS Pensions Group comments:

“Transfer values have been stable over the first half of 2018, during which the Index has fluctuated by only £8,300 (or around 3.6%). If we compare this to 2017, when in both halves of the year the Index fluctuated by £14,000 (or around 6%), we can see that although transfer values remain close to historic highs in 2018, there has been a notable reduction in volatility.

“Given the recent UK political upheaval and its potential impact on the approach to Brexit, coupled with the changing global political climate (for instance in relation to possible escalation of trade wars), it remains to be seen whether this low volatility in markets and transfer values will continue over the coming months.”

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