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Just launches solution for scheme transfers

3 June 2018

Just Group has launched a new business, designed to overhaul the way trustees, pension scheme members and advisers implement and participate in scheme transfer exercises. 

HUB Pension Solutions will focus on delivering solutions to employee benefit consultants, advisers, pension schemes and other UK businesses and to their members, customers and clients.

The business, designed and built with the help of Spence & Partners, allows advisers who are providing advice to support scheme transfer exercises to generate transfer value analysis for individual scheme members in real time. It also provides trustees and scheme sponsors with support for their individual scheme members and helps members understand the valuable benefits provided by their pension scheme.

David Cooper, chief executive of the HUB companies, said: “We’ve transformed the way scheme exercises can now be undertaken. HUB Pension Solutions uses digital technology to radically disrupt the way scheme specific information can be interrogated and delivered to pension scheme members and financial advisers in real time at the click of a button.”

David Davison, director, Spence & Partners, commented: “Currently generating transfer value analysis for a large scheme can take months, it’s done in an archaic way and costs too much. HUB Pension Solutions is a game changer. The service integrates with Spence’s administration platform, allowing accurate, up-to-date member data to be interrogated in real time. This will radically speed up delivery times and reduce cost.”

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