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3 June 2018

For this issue’s Paraplanner Profile editor Rob Kingsbury talked to Sarika Dhanjal, Paraplanning Team Manager at Tenet, about her role, how the team operates and the business’ new outsourced service. Click here to access.

See the accompanying video too, where Sarika discusses how her role differs from the norm, in that although she is running a paraplanning team, she is not a paraplanner herself. She talks about what her day-to-day role entails and where it fits within the Tenet business.

ALSO in this month’s issue:

TDQ: Our training development and qualifications article focusses on Pensions.
Catriona Standingford looks at the pensions transfers papers, specifically AF7.

Death benefits: Two case studies emphasising the need at review to check the client’s death benefit nominations are still appropriate
Stand up, make a difference: More people are questioning their investment choices relative to their own values. But what does that mean for financial planning?

Dynamic dashboards: Continuing our series of articles on back-office and CRM software, Sara Row, senior solutions consultant IRESS looks at using dashboards more effectively, to improve your efficiencies and workflow

India: An investment destination that, of late, has been lacklustre. When this BRIC country underperforms, how should investors react?

Government bonds: While Government bonds may provide a degree of insurance, at what cost is that?

Lifecycle of a VCT: A look at the three stages of the VCT and when it’s best to buy in.

Comment: There are inevitable differences in the actual roles and responsibilities undertaken by paraplanners, which paraplanners need to tackle if we are to push the profession forward, says the CISI’s Jacqueline Lockie

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