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July / August Issue OUT NOW

28 June 2018

In your bumper edition of Professional Paraplanner this month we have two specials for you:

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The Professional Paraplanner Awards 2018 – We celebrate our second year of awards, recently held at the Grange St. Paul Hotel, London

AND a Tax Special. In this 8-page section, we look at inheritance tax – the way paraplanners approach IHT, due diligence on BPR providers, and a case study which shows how you can cascade wealth down the generations using an international investment bond.

Also in this issue:

Paraplanner team profile – Cooper Parry Wealth’s David Carroll tells editor Rob Kingsbury how the team is always looking to push themselves further as individuals and as a team

Test your Knowledge: A Q&A to help you prepare for this year’s exams

EQ Investors’ Dan Atkinson looks at matching an investment strategy to the client’s wider ethical views

TDQ: The RO2 exam and how to work out the yield on a bond

A look at corporate bonds and where they go from here given this their negative total return YTD.

And the CISI’s Jacqueline Lockie looks at children returning to the parental home to live and why this is a serious concern and causing new scenarios that need to be addressed in financial planning, including cashflow assumptions.

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